The Rossi Cold Fusion E-Cat: patents and companies involved in this new energy business

Andrea Rossi’s Energy Catalyst, also known as E-Cat, is set to revolutionize the planet’s energy process. Developed by Rossi and University of Bologna professor emeritus Sergio Focardi, the Energy Catalyst converts nickel hydrogen and other elements to generate up to 15,000 watts of energy using only 400 watts to operate. Once in use, the E-Cat will be the first commercially-available device powered by Cold Fusion-like technology.

The patent process
Earlier this year, Italy granted Rossi and Focardi a patent on their process. The next step is to have American and European patents in place—both patent applications have been submitted.
Obtaining patents for Cold Fusion has always been tough, as the technology is difficult to prove on paper. Generating Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) requires taking nuclei down to a fraction of their original power. This “Cold Fusion” process catches elements before they would originally separate, creating fusion at a lower level that can produce energy.
For months, Andrea Rossi has been working diligently to test and perfect his process. In tests earlier this year, he consistently generated power using a small amount of energy. According to Rossi, his nickel hydrogen fusion process will cost around one cent per kilowatt hour, whereas traditional energy sources cost consumers around ten cents per kilowatt hour. Imagine the cost savings for each individual household, around the planet, once Rossi’s E-Cat device is implemented on a wide scale.

What’s next?
Currently an E-Cat device is powering Rossi’s lab around the clock. The next step is to ship the device to another country, where it will be put into daily use. The first implementation is scheduled for the United States, with the E-Cat being used in an as-yet-undisclosed location. Consumers will be the best testers of all, as they will be able to report how well the device works at just a fraction of the cost.
According to Andrea Rossi, he has a deal with a company in the U.S. to distribute the device to a variety of plants to assist in selling the devices. Rossi owns Leonardo Corporations in Florida, a facility that is manufacturing E-Cat devices. This process will bring jobs to the United States at a time when the unemployment rate is high, which is only the beginning of how Rossi’s process can help America get back on its feet again.

Rossi is careful to term his invention a LENR, rather than Cold Fusion. There is a distinction. His process involves a nickel-hydrogen reaction and, while details of his work are still vague as he awaits completion of his patents, scientists are quick to assert nickel-hydrogen reactions are not fusion. His technology is likely more of a reaction than a fusion, but the scientific community continues to lump Rossi’s and Focardi’s work into the “Cold Fusion” category, since it follows its traditional line of research and development.
In the patent application, Rossi describes the process as nickel hydrogen atoms injected into a tube filled with nickel powder. The tube is then heated to a temperature somewhere between 150 and 5,000 degrees Celsius. He referred to the process in one interview as a possible neutron capture, which is a type of reaction where neutrons collide, forming a larger nucleus. But this is just one theory and he may expound more once patents have been secured and he is sure his ideas are safe.

Revolutionizing energy
Those working in the fields of energy and oil production may be a little nervous about the E-Cat, as the device looks to change the way energy is generated. After all, the E-Cat runs at just a fraction of the effort and cost, requiring less employees to operate. However, just as computers shifted the job market, so will the change in energy production. The change will be gradual, allowing the job market to shift to meet the new changes.
One group that will definitely be happy about the incorporation of Cold Fusion technology are environmentalists. The E-Cat generates energy without creating pollution, resolving one major issue that has faced current generations—will this planet be around for our children and grandchildren to enjoy? With the E-Cat and its LENR technology, the answer to that question can be answered positively for the first time in decades.

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